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name to be called "the Earth Last Person" to cause humanity's suspicion everybody all to publish own idea, how if the Earth were only left over you you to be able? Comes when lets the person be caught off guard is in luck lets the person soul fly the smoke to extinguish. Reason wonderful Posted: 2008-01-06 16:13 | [ building host ] drifts dust I, very happy rank: After... in the to register qq to discover today all contact people all disappeared, is left over a number is only 123,456 new contact people, but also sends in the information to say the number is unsafe, must transmit my qq number.. Does not need to activate any, paid no attention to it to be good, I also havehad such, some people also thought was the virus. Acabin (small is black) incomparably harmonious UID... China altogether to have 1.2 billion population, including 300 million retirements, that only was left over 900 million people to work,8 hundred million people in the countryside, was only left over 100 million people in to work, 20000000 were the students, that.. . was left over in the person , some 3 million was the serviceman, was only left over 7 million people in the work in thefree time, the national various hospitals altogether had 2.853796 million people to accept the treatment, was only left over 4146204... the piecetwo: Ye Zhaoyan speaks frankly, writing is "one is by the tens of thousands dry the merit bone" the matter: Today "you looked in the literary arena these, that also will be is eliminating how manyperson of later only then to be left over .. The inferior performance had the new atmosphere, has not let the person be disappointed. [ "Chang An Is chaotic":Han coldly broke through the bottleneck ] this to write from theChinese youth publishing house being published work - to irrigate the paradise - Shandong person about... the

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