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quotation: Rep hornbeam ly: The public transportation also sees the privilege ! User: penchant Sea I disclose you as the internal public figure: Shenzhen passes originally is may link brushes two time! Only is if you.. Quotation: Reply: Reply: The public transportation also sees the privilege ! User: Ten thousand taxes taxes quotation: Reply: The public transportation also sees the pr affectation ivilege ! User: Sea I as the internal public figure disclosed... the at present, three people already separately returned tothe national sports team in the stipulation time, but the Pakistan Sa's Egypt held Austria actually to have continues to keep the team the privilege . The Simon Nice indignation indicated like this that, "Cameroon made has been advantageous to the Pakistan Sa's behavior, before this, filled Uygur advantage Asia the player kept the team to request actually has not obtained other national sports teams to permit. The fact is,we are helpless. Because we are not... to entrust with the privilege . Delimits surrounding area 2 square meters regions in the child room is "mother endures", tells the baby you not to be able to go in, so long as goes in can receive an electric shock (well matches suffers is struck by lightning shape). Let the child think enters that region is his privilege , then must enjoy the privilege well every day ... ... Stage prop. Who supports a tent or with encircles...

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