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from the under month, Beijing the comprehensive general survey source of pollution, except continuously the industry source of pollution which pays attention to, but also includes the restaurant, the hospital, the inhabitant sanitary sewage and the vehicle exhaust , all disperses into.. The Beijing environmental protection bureau concerned person in charge introduced, in this general survey involves the inhabitant lives the source of pollution and the vehicle exhaust is not aims at each household inhabitant or personally carries on the investigation, but is aims at... window of - incarcerate Beijing government affairs gateway website - media the exhaust will pay taxes the next year to plan to draft [ 2007-12-06 ] the environmental protection official to be a guest window of Olympic Games in front of capital to implement the European four standards [ 2007-11-30 ] the altogether 50 pages, current for page, the previous page, the next page, will jump changes to the page stand map | | to appraise window of | media report | law statement | mail subscription sponsor the capital about us: ... 1, carries on the exhaust examination exhaust examination to line up the inspector to open the exhaust examination only to hand over the exhaust examination to spend $75 exhaust examinations, qualified takes the examination list (to have to fill in the vehicle owner according to the travel book.. Beginning of the year checks list (must exhaust examination list, insurance policy, goes this, fire extinguisher, pays duty proof, road maintenance cost), hands over $,200 deposit the inspection outward appearance to the service hall - vehicles inquiry, Can give... | to relate our home page ENGLISH China internal combustion engine association small gasoline engine branch 2006 annual meetings about our | news center | product world | talented person center | service center to hold 2006-4-30 center steam association motorcycle branch three sessions oftwo general meetings to hold 2006-4-15 13th session of national rare ea receipt rth catalysis academic conference to convene 2006... province oil to reach as high as 20%, the increase power reaches as high as 15%, will reduce the exhaust to discharge reaches as high as 78.6% (this will be national level examination report data). Simultaneously we seriously pledged that, After 2 months (60 days) or the installment exercise in 5,000 kilometers, use effect not satisfactory unconditionally sum total returned goods. The host camp product three prestige enlightened the stick energy conservation to reduce row of province oil accelerator... government air pollution, the automobile exhaust pollution have been also not allow to neglect. According to surveys, a carburetor vehicledischarges the main pollutant, is the European I standard vehicles 5 t galenite o 10 times. In 2006.. Altogether has 38,000 vehicles to issue after due investigation the environmental protection symbol through the exhaust appraisal. Exits and discards could not achieve the national first stage discharges the standard automobile 24,600, will transform high pollutes under the vehicle... 3, the exhaust law in the modern big city, on the lively street rarely hasthe mosquito to appear and disappear, after the research discovery is because the mosquito fears the automobile exhaust . Therefore, if you are the car owner, extinguished the mosquito to have newly hopes. After evening is proficient starts the automobile, the exhaust introduction room in, could not use two hours, the mosquito then to be able to be killed violently in abundance in the automobile rumble. Shortcoming: Needed your... to discharged the standard low obsolete vehicles, the implementation symbolizes the management, discharged the standard higher exhaust monitor the time-gap to be longer, but discharged the standard low vehicles to enlarge the exhaust monitor.. The report of investigation demonstration, in the Beijing at present air pollution the vehicle discharges the exhaust accounts for the very great proportion. Among them, but in the inspiration pellet vehicle exhaust accounts for 3.3%, the nitrogen oxygen compound... PASSAT handkerchief sutter (domain) the exhaust to reequip you to need prorate to install Flash Player 8 or above the edition Flash player. The visit promotes your flash player Promotion player.. PASSAT handkerchief sutter (domain) exhaust reequipment human spirit: 107 especially drives the TKR_EG4 human spirit: 567 Chinese new century: The automobile reequips confuses the _1 human spirit: 25,507 Shanghai vehicle unfolds --... the Hangzhou Xin'an river industry to pump the limited company, is located in the national level scenery traveling area, nearby the scenery beautiful Xin'an river bank, Qiandao Lake, Hang Xinjing the high speed Xin'an river exports,,320 federal highwaysalong the company. The company produces and examines well appointed, produces the anti-corrosive product mainly has: The magnetic force pumps, the centrifugal pump, the self-priming pump, themortar pumps, Luo tribulus vacuum unit, the water... Beijing source of pollutionSina 2008.01.04 16:41:11 Beijing and so on general survey restaurant hospital the vehicle exhaust source of pollution Sina 2008.01.04 16:41:11 Beijing and so on general survey restaurant hospital the vehicle exhaust source of pollution Sina and so on general survey restaurant hospital vehicle exhaust 2008.01.04 16:41:11 change the northeast area establishment "the golden triangle"the traveling... yesterday, reporter understood from Fengtai area environmental protection bureau,one kind will install the infrared instrumentation vehicle exhaust remote sensing examination vehicle end of this month to start off the law enforcement, Carries on to the vehicle exhaust .. Last year, the city environmental protection bureau respectively has provided a vehicle exhaust remote sensing examination vehicle for the city eight areas, at present Fengtai area started to monitor the personnel to carry on training, end of this month will examine the vehicle to start off... the

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