the Shanxi Iraq clear garden hotel

Taiyuan Iraq clear garden hotel is the accurate Tristar comprehensive commerce leisure hotel , the collection traveling, the commerce, the conference, the dining, the bookmobile entertainment, the shopping is a body compre adolphus hensive hotel ,2,005 year Iraq clear garden hotel has the honor to receive the CentralCommittee Television CCTV-2 nation television cooking arena "the Manchus and han Chinese complete meal" the big game - person nutritive giving anopen challenge, the gold medal vegetable, Welcome everywhere persons from all walks of life to visit to search the hotel to land contacts us to search the hotel room to order the conference and the banquet Shangrila hotel business trade hotel Shangrila vacation hotel "the gas" Spa distinguished guest Jin Huanhui the... | occupation development | investment information |person and the property safe | policy and the pledge | homepage index | contacts our 2,007 Shangrila schedule hotel group all rights reserved... town center best commerce hotel city hotel (Shanghai) is four star classes international commerce hotel , is situated in the - Huai sea route commercial circle, is well-known Chinese and foreign Bund, the Henan garden, the Shanghai museum, the Shanghai exhibition center, the new world and so on just like a radiant pearl to revolve around hotel periphery,the geographical position unequalled, Is commercial and leisure traveling public figure's first choice... China hotel talented person net is the hotel profession most specialized, the most effective hotel talented person employment advertise service platform. Provides for individual job seeker and the hotel employment advertise enterprise issued the talented person employment advertise seeks employment the information. The hotel employment advertise enterprise users surpass 50,000, individual member exceed more than 200,000; Each week increases the hotel several hundred, employment advertise position 1,000, the Chinese hotel talented person net is personally seeks employment, hotel ...

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Yale University: Is the Chinese why industrious is not actually rich? (1) can the

China characteristic really cause other national establishment the conclusion at this invalid ? Really is China has Chinese the economic, the west has western the economic? In this issue and next time column, we might as well will try to answer these questions. The system capital and the system cost [... I the family live in Zhang Jiang farmers, every day must arrive the Xuhui area to go to work, the branch subway stood fromthe family to Zhang Jianggao also has the very long distance, the walkaffirms in the past invalid , sat the public vehicle daily person to be many to is not good, sometimes even one after another three vehicles all could not crowd, rode in a carriage the time was unable the assurance, every day went to work naturally cannot guarantee was punctual, buckled wages, the buckle bonus, Really is lets person... 08 years repair profession rises in prices three tenths 2,008 who are the Chinese good faith floors Ten thousand repair the diary big game repairs the experience attainment share The focal point repair lives at home forum - I to like my family forum - family nurturing This subject replies 5 Main page website: How [ sends to handset ] to use the handset to look pastes sends pastes pastes? plate browsing * tree shape demonstration Simple-minded small fox Individual integral : 1,6.41,841 million Installs the big school record : Doctor * Visits the abundant guest * Card total: 43,,899 Picture total: 1,,387 Individual accumulation integral : 7,0.29,74 million Historical highest school record : Doctor Forum announcement individual announcement announcement [ System notice ] the diary new edition operating instructions repair diary star big game fiery carries on! ! The 7th issue of gold pastes the honor roll to celebrate the new year to send the cash to deliver the big ritual ten thousand outstanding designers works appreciation Young Wu: In world most useful character The simple-minded small fox 2007-12-28 22:42:13 publishes to the focal point repair lives at home the net - to repair total forum - me to love my family forum Label: Free responsibility young Wu Young Wu: In world most useful character 2007-12-27 18:47:38 Major and medium is small Label: Young Wu nurtures the share apple space chat In world most useful character Young Wu Which in the world is the most useful character? "Not!" Is this character. Explains this character from two aspects. First from parents' angle - Some young father and mother, in contact "loves after free" nurture the idea, suddenly detected oneself increased naturally many puzzled: Is free for the child, has the limit? Limit in what place? How establishes this limit? Rejects the child whether meant I have not given him the enough freedom? Their middle some parents, too love dearly the child, the fear injury child, thought free is does not have the limit to leave free the child to act in a self-serving manner, forever does not need to limit the child. Although they sometimes also attempt the standard child's behavior, but so long as the child as soon as cries noisily to revolt, they engaged in introspection oneself are not immediately to the child too severe, have not achieved for the child are free? Thus hesitates, relaxes teachs, or lets the child have one's wish. Certainly, we all understood that, actually in these family patience also more or less understood, such does is invalid, lets matters drift the consequence is inconceivable, we must set up the rule for the child, in other words, delimits to them stems from by with the responsibility border. The freedom and the responsibility are complements one another. Has the big freedom, needs to undertake the big responsibility. The responsibility was bigger than the freedom, the person has become the slave; But are freely many to the responsibility, the person may commit evil acts. The child is small, we make parents' need to take on the complete responsibility for him. In front of three years old, sets up the rule to the child quite to be simple, is the dangerous matter absolutely cannot do, injures the other people the matter also absolutely not to permit. In this scope, we may encourage the child freely to explore the world, simultaneously also lets their cognition to the oneself ability limit. Two to three year-old child, is being in the omnipotent illusion and between the ability limit reality in the incisive contradiction, regardless of you give him how many freedom, looked like in him, in the world or has filled "not" the character, to each "" the character for his attack, he all do not have to resist. This kind of time, most can test guardian's endurance and the wisdom. On the one hand, we must ingeniously say "", directly does not unblock child's energy, diverts his attention; On the other hand, we treat the child noisily to cry to have to be calm, also not by about child's mood, also does not use about own mood the child, should persist the principle the place does not yield, even if the child temporarily is unable to understand, also wants the patience carefully to speak the truth with him. After three years old, along with the child comprehension faculty enhancement, the disposition maturity, we needs gradually to shift the responsibility to his hand in, lets him undertake the consequence to own behavior, carries on the choice to own life, helps him consciously to establish the freedom and the responsibility border, simultaneously we also need to make a clear distinction the psychological border with the child, no longer everywhere undertakes the responsibility at times for the child, takes care of everything the life. Establishes the border with the child the essential meaning to lie in trains them to learn to own life to be responsible, thus learns independently to manage own life, moves towards the independence, for marches into the grown-up world to prepare for. Three year old of before own child ties up decides the relations to be reliable, the separation and the individual stage passed smoothly, can give three year old of after the moral instruction removes very many barriers. Certainly this meant by no means a group unimpeded is unimpeded, but at least cannot have the child to lie down is unruly on the place sways back and forth the embarrassed aspect. You can discover that, the child innermost feelings have the enough strength, the withstanding setback and the attack, accepts the restraint and the standard, positively on own initiative manages own life, even admiringly accepts the certain penalty. "" Is not a character border. Appropriately said to the child "not", not only cannot injure the child, instead can give the child the security sense. The courtyard has the fence to be able to let the master effectively protect it, be responsible for it, the boundary land not only with difficulty does not protect, moreover is dangerous. Our each people all need to learn to the child to say "not". The behind chapter can in detail discuss these moral instruction the principle. Now again from child's angle explained "" the character importance, that is not, each guardians all want to learn to accept the child "not", accepts them and our different viewpoint, the opinion, the feeling and the request, but is not is meeting the difference, the opposition, not from and is irritable, or flies into a rage, either indifferently treats it. In brief, we must learn to accept their border, accepts their individual. Very little has the guardian to be able tranquilly to accept the child "not" the character, but is somewhat can feel receives the challenge, the threat, even injures, in the heart also can feel the worry and the anger. This not only is the way things should be, also is we has not obtained correctly "not" one of since childhood character training consequences. However, the good relations must establish in the rejection and in the surface archery target freedom. Chrowder and doctor said that, in the growth child needs to confirm their border obtains the approval. Most essential is, their opposition opinion and the practice behavior cannot cause the parents to receive the love. In other words, when the child appears behavior time which we tolerates with difficulty, we absolutely could not because of sad, be disappointed and angry display do not love the child. We cannot use the language, the body, the vision or move transmit such fatal information to the child: You are obedient only then lovably, you are not obedient are unlovable. You give a good account of oneself, I love you, you display am not good, I cut off between us the relations! "Is obedient! Is not obedient mother not to like you!" Such coerces us to be commonly seen, what type choice has it given the child? Is not must loses already wins, is not double wins, but is double loses: Either continues to revolt, actually can lose in the life extremely the important relations (regarding child to say this meant death); Either quickly the little darling surrenders, the performance obeys, buries own feeling, thus loses the practice rejection and the surface nature skill opportunity, gradually turns not to be able to express own person. Fundamentally says, receives the parents from the child body which loves in to the child to carry on the mind and sentimental extorting. As for the child that, the survival is most important, in order to maintain a livelihood, they definitely can give up own feeling, follows parents' step. As for the humanity that, with other people's relations is most important, nobody is willing to get rid by the intimate person. One is not obedient, father and mother did not love oneself. In this kind of atmosphere grows up the child, the acad subsistent emic society strengthens oneself obeys, lovably, the sensible disposition characteristic, simultaneously even changes the fear to hate positively oneself is enterprising, dares to say the truth, the out of the ordinary disposition characteristic, they diligently cover these characteristics. After grows up, they do not dare to oppose or the rejection other people, because looked like in them, so long as proposed the different opinion, meant relations bursting; Then in order to maintain the relations, they only can bury the difference in the heart, on the surface makes the amiable appearance. When the child has the difference with the parents, parents' performance may say is many and varied. Perhaps the temperament temperate parents adopt the sad intonation, or the long time silence, informs the child "I not to be happy!" The temperament hot tempered parents can shout loudly to the child, fly into a rage; Also some parents use the tear or the body ill coerce the child. In brief, they the information which transmit to the child are: You must to my mood, bodily and the state of mind are responsible! Thus, in front of the picture had mentioned, their turned just 34 year-old child parents' parents. Parents' public anger (through reproves, forces anger which or violence expresses) to the child to bring the fear; The parents cover the anger (through silence, is sad anger which or falls ill expresses) to the child to bring the compunction. Stemming from the fear and the compunction, the child can display as far as possible docile. From now on, they also will be able because of the frightened opposite party anger, or the fear injure opposite party the sentiment to obey the other people. The long-term life is careful in this kind, even trembles with fear in the situation, the child can not not independently change, not the independent ability, rely on the other people, is indecisive, does not dare to speak frankly, their creation ability can wear down the danger, also difficulty with accepts or completes the work duty. If we can confidently accept child's opposition, the revolt and are different, if we tranquilly treat their angry mood, if we tell them, "I forever love you, but you cannot be," me like this "knew you are angry very much, but you or must return others' thing", "I understood this is the regretable situation, comes, to let me well hugs you", and so on, and so on, both for altogether sentiment, and persists the principle, simultaneously confirms our love, then we have entrusted with the child extremely the formidable innermost feelings strength: Can they respect the other people the border, they can protect own border, they can express the oneself real feeling, how they learn to grasp with other people's difference, they can confidently facing the life in various frustrating. These have the daughter the guardian, imagines this scene: The daughter meets the male which admires time, two sentiments like each other, the groom's family restrains own, the proposing request, even coerces "you if loves me, can promise me". If the daughter strictly is teaching grows, the parents always do not accept her independence, she can be afraid rejects this man, because said to her, the rejection meant relations break, then in order to does not lose this man, she can by the body little, think like this can guarantee and this man's relations. This is really loves? This kind of action can guarantee this man loves her? The massive tears tell us: Is not. However, if the daughter really is liking in the atmosphere growing, the parents confidently accept her individual, allows her to express oneself, then she cannot be afraid rejects this man. She can pay great attention to own feeling, if she thought oneself has not prepared to have the sexual relationship with this man, she can tell him "not to be good without hesitation, I do not want" but not to be able to be afraid relational bursting. Even if that man therefore leaves she, she also can : This way, he really loves me, bid good-bye has been also good. The parents completely, unconditionally accept child's individuality, also can help the child completely, unconditionally to accept oneself. This kind of complete acceptance, is helpful is grown-up after the child wholeheartedly loves the others, even is helpful to them obtains the content marriage and the sextual affection. Very many people in the sextual affection aspect barrier, originate from not completely accept oneself, originates not completely accepts to the parents oneself, therefore they in most need body and mind investment these romantic times, to be unable to achieve without scruple completely relax, absorbed enjoy. The psychological border establishes the good child, did not fear did not say to the other people. Can confidently refuse the other people, propose the difference, the establishment boundary, are best protects oneself the method. Even if opposite party gets angry, he cannot bewilderedly think this is own responsibility or the mistake, he can understand that, 1st, if opposite party because own set up the border to be angry, that is opposite party question; 2nd, is angry merely is the opposite party innermost feelings one kind of feeling, it cannot jump out injures oneself; 3rd, does not let the matter which opposite party anger pulls strings oneself to do does not would rather; 4th, does not let opposite party anger affect own mood, causes oneself also to change is angry; 5th, prepares, needs time, is far away opposite party, protects oneself. These principles not merely are the child need to grasp, after our adult grasps, also can obtain benefits vulgar in the life in the interpersonal relationship. A day afternoon, comes out from the kindergarten neighbor, I and quietly lead two children to go to the store to buy the yarn. Quietly chooses the yarn, I give the Sam choice shoes, two children take the wool clew in the one side mutually to hit are playing. After I carry off Sam, the store shop employee gathers round the tiger baby to say this and that, "that child really did not speak the principle a moment ago, has ripped open yours wool clew, he was the bad child!" The tiger baby righteously and sternly refutes them, "he is my good friend, I do not have you to say his malicious remarks!" Five year-old children, dare to group of adults to say "not", this is the how formidable innermost feelings stren schoolwork gth! Time manages "the heart in Dr. Xu Haoyuan to nurture the heart" at the website psychological forum, which comes to consult asks a thought-provoking question: Why many don't the very Chinese men like the individuality bright female (for instance "Gone with the wind" in leading lady Hao Sijia) but liking the docile female? This also was I has pondered the very long question. Applies mechanically this chapter of theory, I initially obtained an answer to come, to paste in the forum: China's guardian likes the child which is obedient, does not allow the child to oppose oneself; The child once the opposition guardian, must brave in the deconstruction life the most important relational danger (not to be obedient does not want you!) This is a danger which the survival cannot safeguard, in order to maintain a livelihood, they only can work as parents wish slave. Thus, the child is unable to construct the construction oneself, is unable to establish the border. A psychological border health person, also did not fear the others said No, also did not fear said No to the others. But China's child, because the guardian does not allow oneself to say No, how therefore doesn't understand accepts others' different opinion. Individuality bright, independent female, definitely can to them say No (or proposes different view) but not to be able to be obedient to them, this time, these grown-up boys have felt helpless, how because father and mother haven't trained own to accept others' individual. Without the border, also does not have you, I the division. The majority person childhood "the hatching" the time not excessively is good, the parents do not allow them to construct the construction oneself, therefore their psychology pauses initial in the baby "the paragenesis" the stage, thought own feeling must be all people (especially with own intimate person) feeling, if opposite party did not agree, they did not have the security sense. Welcome to visit: Small fox's joyful life (focal point prompt: Snatches pours your abundant guest individuality website) Any was the life, the life is tmd cries to smile has cried! 2007-12-28 22:42:13 The quotation reply issues the friend to join the IE collection Reply relations: Young Wu: In world most useful character - The simple-minded small fox 07./12/28 million 22:42 ( 413 time clicks) I felt also has profits - Small is tender lucky 07./12/29 million 10:30 (40 time clicks) Inside this describes these, good make one yearn for - Only likes sunlight 07/12/29 00:38 (64 time clicking) That is because not only we, our previous generation, our in generation, - The simple-minded small fox 07./12/29 million 08:38 (63 time clicks) For instance this section - Only likes sunlight 07/12/29 09:29 (52 time clicking) The direct reply book pastes: - Electronic announcement service rule This company electron announced the service strictly observes "Internet Electron Announcement Service Management Stipulation" "the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress about Maintenance Internet Security Decision" . Any person no violation whatsoever will permitted "Electronic Announcement Service Rule" , does not have to issue includes the following content the information: 1. Opposes the constitution basic principle, the harm national security, the political power stable unification; Instigation nationality hatred, ethnic discrimination; 2. Publicizes the cults and the feudal superstition; Spreads the rumor, destruction social stability; The insult slander other people, violate the other people legitimate rights and interests; 3. Spreads obscene, the pornography, gambling, the violence, the murder, the terror or instigates the crime; Focal point real estate forum - copyright statement

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two crafty colorful love - west ancestral halls alley

husband asked the artisan to build that hut with the mudstone has died, the artisan builta wall time in the brickwork joint saw to a pair bright, young, could cause any woman for it burning sweetheart's eye, the artisan gently to say: "Felt relieved that, madame can rescue you." Hereafter every one day, the wives a borroughs ll attempt to approach that fermentation room, but all is blocked by the husband, how gradua abandon lly that is built... the 1, artisan not to choose the standing timber which the wall uses, sets up the woody plants to be possible to use the symbol which but in the sign cannot be used, punishes two armor. The artisan marks on the standing timber for cannot use, so that the insufficient installing need, the installing process reported has still used, should punish thou copperfield ght could not be used artisan's two armor. 2, in every year April, in July, in October, in the first lunar month compares andappraises the farm cattle, the full year, adds the strength - hero andevil spirit beast - Changji on-line books literature frequency channel 21IC home page news new product market application chat activity interview topic downloading merchant electric circuit handbook stock supply and demandto discuss the store Sharon talented person to adjust the questioning volume alliance | community semiconductor supplier grade of service investigation and study monolithic integrated circuit to expend the electronic communications network EDA/PLD test survey simulation technology connection electric circuit to insert... the

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Schuster ! Duyoufang 2007-12-23 4/14 2007-12-25 12:51 by duyoufang [ news ]12.20 kings the cup 1 1 is evener than Alicante duyoufang 2007-12-20 8/26 2007-12-25 12:50 by duyoufang [ discussion ] 12.123.45 ohms perceptive crowns emperors horse VS to pull uneven Austria direct seeding placard... Schuster Wines offers up superb coffee in their elegant tasting room. Also, Canterbury's first extra virgin olive oil producer, Athena Olive Groves, is well worth a visit, signposted off the highway near Waipara township... Schuster toward Soviet Union ! Duyoufang 2007-12-23 4/14 2007-12-25 12:51 by duyoufang [ news ] 12.20 kings the cup 1 1 isevener than Alicante duyoufang 2007-12-20 8/26 2007-12-25 12:50 by du beginning youfang [ discussion ] 12.123.45 ohms crowns emperors horse VS to pull uneven Austria direct seeding placard... Schuster Vance... Trudy's Niece (uncredited) Adrianna Bremont "Then She Found Me" the actor shows on-line > watches "Then She Found Me", immediately free download PPS video on dem domestic and review "Then She Found Me", but also nobody review 0.0 minute look at the plan west to look the group group... Schuster -The President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences? --Professor Christian Reidys [ detailed content ] [ are more... ] The China combinatorics and the chart discuss the academic society | recruitmentof students information | employment advertise information | newest paper | weekend regular meeting | teachers and students elegant demeanour | correlation policy | south experience |... SCHUSTER the ELECTRONICS 12 original installation 2008-1-2 9:32:35 Shenzhen cheek reaches the large electronic telephone: 0755-83289989; 83.038937 million; 830.. QQ:350924117K88-ED-9S-K15 the KYCON 0.6+/07+ million 4,500 special prices originalinstallation quality goods, order for 7-10 day to Shenzhen 2007-12-29 9:26:15 Shenzhen cheek... Schuster , 1996, p.367. this book has translated by the domestic several scholars for Chinese, will publish in 1998. Huntington has written the preface for the Chinese edition. () [ 4 ] mainland China scholar comments the main paperwhich Huntington's civilized conflict discusses, edits Cheng Ce to publish, Chief Editor Wang Jisi: "Is civilized and internationalpolitical -... Schuster Audio.Highly recommended.? Ray Vignovich, West Des Moines P.L., Iowa Copyright 1,997 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. synopsis: "...

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Top 10 Most Famous Hackers of All Time_Net abundant guest _ Yahoo! abundant guest _ elegant...

volunteer programmers contribute to the kernel. He has had an asteroid named after him and received honorary doctorates from Stockholm U foolhardy niversity and University of Helsinki. He was also featured in Time Magazine's "60 Years... volunteer family. And how the poor Gale was described as, "I've never seen a puncture delivery boy, dr moneywort essed so well before." I had a fantastic time watching this and so did the rest of the audience. It ended in laughter... positively carries out and participates in each stalactite kind of beneficial activity, like the branch school conducts games, campus singer big game, article competition andso on, but also has launched the subject is "If I were an Olimpic Volunteer " English oratorical contest together with 06.053331 million classes,as well as holds the New Year's Day literary arts party and so on the form diverse activity, and all has obtained a better result, Obtained... Volunteer work: ? Translations for WWF in 1,997? Translation of part of the web site Foreignword into GreekDownload CV/Resume type: Unknown (must download, please right strikes and the choice "the preservation is". ) Key word: Legal technical manuals medical...

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China to manufacture drugs equipment professionassociation __ the home page

mesozoic group cooperation development AIDS vaccine to start I issueof clinical test 2008-1-2 country to speed up consummates equipment manufacturing industry standard 2007-12-29 our country already initially to establish resource conservation 2007-12-27 "China's Energy Condition And Policy" the white paper publishes with the comprehensive utilization standard system 2007-12-27 2007 year South Asia... story narration life hopeless country mesozoic - Arab League outline family, Has comea family..."Tutor" 2,006 human spirits animations 61 volumes.. "Tutor" 2,006 human spirits animations 62 volumes.. "Tutor" 2,006 human spirits animations 62 volumes of... renewals: 2007-12-04 09:24 broadcast: 9,,843 programs: 6 subscriptions: 4 "... the live (mainly includes the hero of a play , the young male warrior, the xiaosheng in the drama mesozoic line and . Acts the youth man the name xiaosheng. Refers in particular to the contour fashion in Che Shizhong, stresses to the young user group vehicle type; Thehero of a play is refers to above the acting middle age the man, the characteristic is the makings is steady. Refers in particular tothe design solid upscale passenger vehicle in Che Shizhong) only (the popular name painted face. Displays in the drama for the disposition makings... [ author ] [ type ] to do smiles [ work synopsis ] to act according to the of the same name game to reorganize, should do is section interesting also brings a game, will play the family to act bad bad country mesozoic west village wicked Ni, in will not have already the situation will sign the contract with the god, Learns through practice the angel dew dew with the assistant 1... about our | use guide | advertizing service | work opportunity | use... Who makes the luxury goods investment froth Art or trade? 798 war casualties Who "did Color Abstain" prosperous? [ Collection topic ] crazy stone The Chinese economical net > the artistic collection > the skill porch strolls > the animation region > the main text Related news Mourns t thereon he well water seepage to sing Animation reception of TV audience ultra 600 million people The magnificent secondary roles altogether cast "Steel and iron Bride" Picks Si 09 newly to make the information "sprouts dwelling terminology and so on the" is contaminated the campus Xinan Qi Li might Abyss next spring the first broadcast 50 classics must kill the technique big set The ultra half number of Chinese like looking at the animation Touches Mr. the overseas human spirit dramatic rise Erlang Shen conquers Asian and Pacific Please expressed your view at present already to have a commentary Hot spot news commentary Zhou Bichang 08 years causes nearby the newest Assassin's mace piano on startled colorful four (chart) "all the people most love" Wei Chenxin the EP modelling hidden 08 fashions popular tendency (chart) Regains consciousness the weekend Hangzhou bamboo slip to sell "Autumn" the everything renewed altogether to celebrate the new year (chart) Outstanding brand-new EP The Tianjin bamboo slip sings the advance notification (chart) The country promulgates the steamed bun standard: Must be the circular smell must have the wheat to be fragrant Eight law enforcements team members beat the passer-by resident to get angry encircle the police vehicle for five hours (chart) Henan's Nanyang succeeded uncovers 9 boys to suffer between the work place once the biography to steal the kidney rumor The soccer association large sum of money posts a reward: The country fully goes beyond a line 2 million countries Austria to win the championship 8000000 Asks you to pay attention: Please observe the People's Republic of China relevant law laws and regulations, "the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress about Maintenance Internet Security Deci tidewater sion" and "Internet News Information service Management Stipulation". Please note the language civilization, the respect network morals, and undertakes all but is direct because of the legal liability which yours behavior or indirectly causes. The Chinese economical net news is authorized to the retention with the placard manager or deletes in its jurisdiction message the free content. You the opinion which publish in the Chinese economical net, the Chinese economical net are authorized to in the website reprint or the quotation. Made this commentary namely to indicate you already read connect in parallel fashion the above provision, if you had the opinion to the management please to reflect to the news with the placard manager. The data writes down... The data writes down... The data writes down... The frequency channel selects News : National capital committee: 2,008 Yang Qijiang will construct the staff wages normal growth mechanism Finance and economics : Wenzhou "first Niu Ren": An account 15 days crazily gains 100000000 Industry : The steamed bun cannot be a side? National grain bureau: Purely is the nonsensical talk International : German intermediary: 12 China pays attention to -- to let the stock market continue to rise Reporter : Under the Beijing police dog assists the police to the subway patrol to search for smells the dangerous material Commentary : The inhabitant sends the placard to facilitate the subway to add the station: The public opinion expresses the good model video frequency Weekly : 08 year 1st issue 08 year 1st issue Reported : Thing popular industry investment value analysis development zone reference (first issue) Science and technology education : The Zhongshan station atmosphere preliminary examination passes on the victory report | to reveal again the strange experiment Entertainment : Date version Wickedly does the famous work Wukong and the female monster discusses the love (chart) Video frequency : Reveals "Hong Lou Meng" the Xue Baochai Olympic Games character sonorous rose Interaction : Who "does Reputation Big quake" always play in the finals is the final king? (Chart) Splendid picture 2,007 artistic collections year's end inventorying Who makes the luxury goods investment froth 798 war casualties Who "did Color Abstain" prosperous? The data writes down... 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fixed asset net worth to reduce: The fixed asset preparation fixed asset net subsistent amount is constructing the project to reduce: Is constructing the project preparation to construct the project net amount fixed asset cleaning up to wait the processing fixed asset only to lose the fixed asset to equal the intangible asset and other property intangible asset transaction seats spends the organization cost long anticipation booth expense other long-term property intangible assets and... blindFLASH please downloads FLASH PLAYER, clicks on here to download... the 4, the Chinese inland the forest, the mine took the fixed asset, Hong Kong does not have; The Chinese inland includes the land as the land employment right the intangible asset , Hong Kong the land took the fixed asset, the idea raises amortizes. The intangible asset calculates the Chinese inland to divide into the intangible asset thepatent, the trademark rights, the non- patent technology, the land employment right and the goodwill and so on; Hong Kong thought how much money land... their intangible asset already surpasses their tangible asset! Why Quanjude continuously two did rise stops revokes the priviledges? Like such pocket-sized small dish stock, the orthodox school Olympic Games conce fermentation pt stock is.. A hundred year old shops chain-like effects intangible asset is bigger than tangible asset the stock if also holds the ossified thought to go to aminute booklet, will certainly badly beaten which bumps in front of the market, opposite shore... which in front of the use occurs only to look the cash class is wrong,only looked the property is a worse mistake. Does not take the intangible asset is wrong, tooexaggerates the intangible asset value is a worse mistake. Any valuable property, its value finally certainly must manifest in yours income and the profit, manifests flows in yours cash, otherwise you are have the Coca-Cola uselessly the sign also. No... the management enterprise intangible asset on July 01, 2002 enterprise's competitive advantage cannot leave the brand, the research and development ability as well as the customer relations and so on other intangible assets . In the enterprise operation, must pay attention to each kind of intangible asset appraisal and the management. The system conformity, rises in value on July 01, 2001 the marketing best practice, lies in revolves the customer value conformity enterprise resources. Liu... intangible asset dd land employment right mainly uses the datum soil-rent value coefficient revision law appraisal. (4) appraisal conclusion this appraisal, the Hainan overseas Chinese invests the limited liability company after the audit the property grand total is 15,415,030.67 Yuan, among: The current assets 4,863,563.66 Yuan,the long-term investment 10,551,467.01 Yuan, the fixed asset 0 Yuan, invisible... Accountant Intangible asset Loss Warning Confirmation To serve One," Property damage Criterion "stipulates" the intangible asset to lose "the warning card to request the intangible asset loss which" Property damage Criterion " stipulated.. "Property damage Criterion" "four , the intangible asset loses the verification" had stipulated the intangible asset loses verification request. Specific stipulation as follows: (1) confirmation intangible asset ...

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